About us

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"What stresses many people: search, negotiate and organize…we on the other hand, love to do"

Oh myWedding arises from the passion we have for weddings.

We are Veronica and Eva, two friends who after several years working in different professional fields, we now offer our years of experience in the organization and arrangement of all kinds of events in all sectors, and thus cater to the happiness of our clients.

We love weddings and everything that surrounds them! Just by looking at each other, we understand what each other is thinking. We work as a team and enjoyed it. With our creativity and brainstorming we can achieve unimaginable things and our commitment we can achieve that you enjoy a unique day. We will make sure that with our guidance and support everything will be perfect to the last detail.

Original, imaginative, innovative and committed. With capacity for organization and communication skills. We look for inspiration in everything, we get highly involved with our work, we are perfectionists and won´t stop until everything is impeccable. We are ahead of the latest trends and developments. We know how to handle emergency situations and unforeseen events and, most importantly, we are experts in weddings.

For us it is very gratifying to see how the work of so many months comes to life on your wedding day, because it is not an event, each wedding is unique and unrepeatable and we organize it as if it were our own.